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Combat the Retirement Income Problem

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Your clients will have questions that require more than just a simple calculation. To help you help your clients navigate this significant change, we've created The Essential Decumulation Toolkit by RazorPlan.

This new approach to retirement income planning will create a 
planning experience that will give your clients peace of mind & make the transition from saving to spending as smooth as possible.

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What's Included in The Essential Decumulation Toolkit?

– CPP / OAS Checklist
– Income Focus Checklist
– Estate Focus Checklist

Benefits of Optimizing Decumulation:

  • Maintain long-term investment value while addressing both estate & income goals.
  • Provide more income and spending flexibility in retirement.
  • Reduce the risk of your clients outliving their money.

The Decumulation Opportunity

Decumulation Planning

Decumulation planning refers to the strategic spending of assets to achieve various retirement goals. It’s much more complex than accumulation planning because you now must help clients decide how much and in what order they will spend the different assets they have accumulated, and when to apply for CPP and OAS benefits. Get it wrong, and it could cost your clients hundreds of thousands in lost wealth over their lifetime.

As Canadians switch from accumulation to their decumulation years, planning and executing this transition can have a significant impact on their wealth.

According to Statistics Canada, in 2020 an average of 38,000 Canadians reached the age of 65 every month. This number is expected to increase as the population ages, with projections showing that by 2036, the number of Canadians aged 65 and older will reach 10.9 million, comprising nearly one-quarter of the population.

Our analysis of over 100,000 RazorPlan engagements highlights the opportunity decumulation planning offers as Canadians transition from saving to spending over the next decade.

The Essential Decumulation Toolkit will help you create a retirement income planning experience your clients will value & act on