53% of employers – across several countries, including Canada – are experiencing turnover at an all-time high.*

Thanks to The Great Resignation, employers are scrambling to upgrade their current total compensation packages to attract and retain the best talent. It’s currently a job seekers world, with 80% of workers stating they are confident their current skills are marketable in today’s hiring environment.**

In a Glassdoor survey, about 60% of respondents reported that they strongly consider perks and benefits before accepting a job offer, and 80% of employees prefer additional benefits over a pay increase.*** Now that employees have the upper hand with so many opportunities available, all competing for their attention, it’s crucial to offer more than just an attractive salary to recruit and retain the best of the best.

The total compensation package you provide employees on top of their salary likely includes vacation time, a benefits plan, wellness programs, and flexible hours. Unfortunately, this is no longer enough to stand out in today’s highly competitive market.

85% of survey respondents believe workplace retirement plans are one of the top ways to reduce employees’ financial stress.****

Attract new talent and retain star employees by offering financial wellness. Group Retirement Savings Plans offer peace of mind for your employees and eliminate financial stress – allowing employees to focus more on day-to-day responsibilities and less on stressing about their financial future.

It’s now easier (and cheaper) than ever before to implement a Group Retirement Savings Plan. Join the growing community of over 200 businesses that have chosen Nest Wealth at Work, Canada’s Best Group RRSP, to make your business stand out amongst the rest. It’s 100% free to the employer and employee matching is at your discretion. Please download our product brochure to learn more.

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