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Professional Money Management

Our platform is leveraged by every channel of the wealth industry from the largest Canadian banks to your individual advisor. It is the most transparent and collaborative digital wealth platform and gives you the freedom to access your information at any time.

Best of Both Worlds: Hybrid Advice

Proven & Trusted Technology

As your fiduciary, we act in the best interest
of our clients, taking care of discretionary investment management including portfolio construction and rebalancing and ensuring that your portfolio meets your risk tolerance and investment objectives.

You get the benefits to seamlessly collaborate with your advisor to ensure you're managing your wealth holistically, and the convenience, efficiency and independence of a digital wealth platform.

With a Nest Wealth account, you can reach your investment goal faster
and with more in your pocket. By working with your advisor, you’re receiving some of the lowest management fees at 0.35%.

Here’s a full breakdown of our fee structure: 

What Is Nest Wealth’s
Fee Structure?

Who is Nest Wealth?

Nest Wealth is Canada's most trusted digital wealth platform that empowers you to take control of your financial future.

Nest Wealth makes investing easy by using smarter technology and proven investment  principles by seasoned Portfolio Managers. Whether you’re saving for a secure retirement, a better education, a bigger house or your own special goal, we build a customized solution to suit your financial situation, time horizon and risk tolerance.

Personalized Portfolios

Your personal financial goals are important to us. That’s why we create a personalized portfolio for each and every investor

Passive Investing

What's An ETF?

An exchange-traded fund (ETF) is an investment fund that’s traded on a stock exchange, like a stock, but holds a basket of investments, like a mutual fund. Most ETFs track broad, well-established indices like the S&P 500 or TSX. ETFs are a low cost and efficient way to build a diversified investment portfolio. They allow you to gain exposure to a variety of asset classes like bonds, equities, and real estate.

Passive investing lets achieve global diversification at very low costs. Using this as our own foundation, we build your portfolio to ‘be the market’, rather than try to ‘beat the market’.

Asset Classes

Automated Rebalancing

Investment Approach

Nobody should gamble with their future, so we invest your money across many markets, properly diversified amongst asset classes, for the long term and based on the best empirical research available.

Asset classes are the fundamental building blocks of a portfolio. What you should hold will be based on your risk tolerance with three possible goals in mind: capital growth; income generating; or protection of capital.

Creating your customized portfolio is only the starting point of a successful investment strategy. Every step of the way Nest Wealth will help make sure you are working towards your financial goals.

What types of accounts can I open?

Nest Wealth supports almost all types of investment accounts including individual, joint, corporate, and trust accounts with the exception of Registered Disabilities Savings Plans (RDSPs).

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for my account to be open?

Our custodian can typically open an account within 24-48 hours. Once an account is open, you can submit funding requests from your bank account or transfer an existing account from another institution.

How do I fund my account & withdraw my money from the Nest Wealth account?

Simply log into your Nest Wealth profile and in the ‘Transfers’ section you’ll be able to quickly and safely request for the money to be transferred from your bank or brokerage account.

Please contact us at support@nestwealth.com and we will be happy to help you to make a withdrawal.

What happens after I have made my first deposit?

Our Portfolio Management team will reach out to you to highlight the asset mix that will be used in your accounts or to inquire on specific aspects of your risk tolerance questionnaire that might require clarification. Please review your answers before submitting your Risk Tolerance Questionnaire, as our team requires the most accurate information to determine your allocation prior to investing the funds.

How do I open an account with Nest Wealth?

There’s no need to visit our office or print off a pile of documents and mail them in. Speak to your advisor if you are ready to get started but please make sure you have the following on hand:

– A valid, government issued, photo ID
– SIN number
– Online banking login information or copy of a void cheque
– (Optional) A statement for any existing investment account(s) you would like to transfer over

How do you protect my investments?

A. We use third-party custodians. Your assets are held in an account in your name at NBIN Inc or Fidelity Clearing Canada (FCC). Nest Wealth only has the right to issue trading instructions against your account. We can’t access money in your account other than to receive our monthly advisory fee. In the unlikely event that Nest Wealth becomes insolvent, your assets will not be impacted and will remain unaffected in your account at the custodian.

B. Nest Wealth is a registered Portfolio Manager in Canada. Securities in your account may be protected up to $1,000,000 CDN through one of our custodians should they go insolvent. See www.cipf.ca for more details.

Can I customize my portfolio?

We will work with you to determine what the best asset allocation mix is for you based on our existing ETF lineup. Other securities cannot be added or removed from these models but we can modify your cash target based on your short-term liquidity needs.

How long will it take for an investment account to come over to Nest Wealth?

This largely depends on where the investment account is held currently and whether or not the current institution is a member of the ATON network or not. Here are the general timeframes for the different types of transfers:

 Electronic: 2 - 4 Weeks
 Non-Electronic: 4 - 6 Weeks


Client Onboarding Guide

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Investment Guide

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[2] The Management Expense Ratio (MER) represents the costs associated with owning a portfolio of funds. MERs are expressed as percentage of daily average net assets during the year. MERs shown are not charged to you directly butthey affect the returns you see as an investor

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