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We give you a smarter and quicker way to reach your financial goals.

Using leading edge technology and industry-tested investment rules, Nest Wealth creates a low-cost, customized global portfolio built specifically for your life goals. Once you’re invested, we take care of monitoring and rebalancing your portfolio so you can get on with enjoying your life.

We manage your money like large institutions manage their money.

Nobody should gamble with their future, so we invest your money across many markets, properly diversified amongst asset classes, for the long term and based on the best empirical research available.

David Swensen, the head of the Yale Endowment Fund, is one of the most recognized professionals in the investment industry. In his book, Unconventional Success, he suggests the following:

  1. The investor should maintain a portfolio allocated to 6 core asset classes and be diversified. The asset classes include domestic equities, emerging market equities, international equities, government fixed income, real-return bonds and real estate.
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  2. The investor should rebalance the portfolio on a regular basis.
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  3. The investor should, in the absence of a confident market-beating strategy, invest in low-cost index funds and ETFs.
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We build and manage your portfolio based on Swensen’s three rules.

We build and manage your portfolio based on Swensen’s three rules.

Let us invest your portfolio like the professionals invest their portfolios.

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