Why Nest Wealth?
We built a better way for you to invest.

Nest Wealth makes it easy for you to obtain sophisticated wealth management focused on your long-term goals without high fees, large minimums or lack of transparency.

There is a better way for Canadians to invest their money. A way that allows Canadians to pay less, keep more and rest easy.

Democratize access to financial advice.

Nest Wealth believes all Canadians, not just the very wealthy, deserve sophisticated, personalized and transparent wealth management.

That’s why subscriptions start at $20 a month and are capped at $80 a month no matter how much money you place into your account or how much your account grows.

It’s your money and we believe that it should be treated that way. Visit our Why It Matters page to understand why we only charge a flat subscription instead of taking more each month by charging clients a percentage of their assets.

Smarter technology and transparency.

The way to provide more Canadians with a better solution is through smarter technology and following proven investment principles. We’ve created a clear and intuitive online experience that makes it easy for you to receive personalized and professional wealth management with transparent reporting and dramatically lower fees.

Your own Portfolio Manager.

Better technology with lower costs doesn’t mean sacrificing the things that matter to our clients. You will have a registered portfolio manager that you can speak with, text or call, whenever you have questions. Better still, unlike most advisors, your portfolio manager will have a fiduciary obligation to always put your best interests first.

What should you do with your money? Now, the answer is clear.

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