A Wealthier
Future For You
& Your Clients

Digital Wealth Management Solution
For Financial Advisors & Planners

Financial Advisors differentiate themselves through the relationships they’ve established with their clients through financial planning, quality of service and personal communication.

Expand Your Audience

Increase your appeal to high-net-worth and other investors looking to take advantage of a low-cost digital solution.

Scale Your Business

Save time and money by leveraging technology that reduces time spent on non-revenue generating tasks while keeping more of what you earn.

Be Independent

Take control of the solutions you offer your clients and work with an independent partner that prioritizes the success of you and your clients over external big company interests.

Wealth Management Platform For Different Needs

Financial Advisor and client reviewing plans

Eliminate Compliance Burden & Offer More Value

Defer the “know your client”, “know your product” and suitability responsibility to a portfolio manager.

Boost Profitability & Eliminate Headaches

Outsource low-value activities to improve economies of scale, allowing you to focus more on building new and nurturing existing client relationships without the burden of compliance, administration, and investment management responsibilities.

Offer More Value To Clients

Add passive and actively managed portfolios to your product shelf for your clients, make money less abstract with our technology and make your clients want to engage more with simple functionality. Provide them with a total online account view with easy access to charts and dashboards.

Transition Your Practice For The Future

Alleviate risk and your administrative burden while maintaining access to client information and improved tracking of all of your client accounts. Best of all, keep more of your revenue and decrease your overhead costs.

Financial Planner and client reviewing plans

Easy Client Referrals

Our platform makes customer referrals fast, easy and hassle-free.

Offer More Value

Our technology makes money less abstract, empowering clients to engage more – a total online account view with easy access to charts and dashboards.

Save Your Clients Money

Our capped monthly fees mean the more your clients invest the more they save. Your clients pay a maximum of $150/month no matter how much they invest.

Get Better Insights

Our advisor dashboard makes it easy to get all the information that powers the financial plan you create.

Financial Advisor and client in a meeting

Diversify Your Offerings

Add passive and actively managed portfolios to your offerings for your clients.

Strike The Right Balance

Deliver a win-win proposition that makes you look great in the eyes of your clients.

Save Your Clients Money

Our capped monthly fees mean the more your clients invest the more they save. Your clients pay a maximum of $150/month no matter how much they invest.

Financial Advisor working at desk

Help Your Advisor Team Reach Their Full Potential

Provide your advisor’s access to passive and actively managed portfolios through an innovative digital platform.

Level The Playing Field For Your Advisors

Improve retention and increase client leads by reaching a broader audience with another product offering.

Flexibility To Service All Your Client Segments

We provide you with the support to mitigate risk, decrease compliance burden and improve the client experience overall.

Real Results.
Real ROI.

Firms that have partnered with Nest Wealth have seen significant improvements in their onboarding processes, higher client satisfaction, decreases in overhead costs and business growth.

Man and woman reviewing financial dashboard
Nest Wealth Account Advisor Stats

I’m very pleased with the transition and transfer of my business to Nest Wealth. Their strong competitive advantages include their ability to seek timely solutions, the high-quality support team ensuring client service issues are sorted out with the custodian, and the excellent, easy-to-use client and advisor interfaces. The sign-in as a client feature is first in class compared to the competition.
The RazorPlan financial planning tool is excellent. I find it beneficial to include this in my client service level offering. I use it to project retirement income and to present life insurance sales opportunities. I’m looking forward to having the comfort of a reliable and competent solution for my wealth management business.”

— Ian Thompson | Director, Governance & Analytics, Jones DesLauriers

Digital Onboarding

Open accounts and add new clients in as little as 5 minutes with absolutely no paper and straight-through processing to the book of record.

Insights Dashboard

In one view, gain visibility into key business metrics and be notified of suggested actions to move your prospects to clients.

Actionable Insights

Our intuitive actionable insights allow your firm and your advisors to recognize and proactively engage with your clients based on what matters most to them.

Configurable Solution

Use your branding and have the freedom to use your risk profile questionnaire, portfolios, products and custodians. With role-based permissions, assign the appropriate permissions for each user to efficiently manage platform access.

Financial Advisors Meeting

Digitize your Ecosystem
for a Fraction of the Cost

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