A Leader In Digital Wealth Solutions

Using innovative technology chosen by some of North Americas largest financial institutions,
Nest Wealth’s digital wealth solutions empower investors to receive access to sophisticated and personalized wealth advice tailored to their unique goals and objectives.

Reduce Operational
Costs & Risks

Digitize your business processes to reduce errors, account opening times and operational costs while simplifying record-keeping.

Increase Advisor
Capacity & Productivity

The My Day Overview provides a holistic view of your client’s activity and insights to help you efficiently serve your clients and proactively prepare for next steps.

Ability To Onboard Clients
Without Leaving Salesforce

Empower your team to drive morebusiness by making new account openingeasier, faster & with fewer errors, allwhile keeping your staff productivewithin their CRM.

Save More Of
Your Money

Access Canada’s lowest management fees to save and keep more of your money.

Portfolios As
Unique As You

We don’t do labels. Your portfolio is uniquely matched based on your investing style and savings goals.


& Relax

Our portfolio managers and smart technology monitors and rebalances your investments. You can sit back and plan your future.

Your Audience

Increase your appeal to high-net-worth and other investors looking to take advantage of a low-cost digital solution.

Your Business

Save time and money by leveraging technology that reduces time spent on non-revenue generating tasks while keeping more of what you earn.


Take control of the solutions you offer your clients and work with an independent partner that prioritizes the success of you and your client’s best interests.

100% Free For The Employer

You can help your employees save more at no cost to you.

Digital Onboarding and Setup

3 Minute Setup – no more paper work or licking envelopes, getting your company setup on Nest Wealth at Work is effortless.

Digital Dashboard

Get the big picture of your entire company plan at your fingertips.

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