Investment Management Agreement

THIS DISCRETIONARY MANAGEMENT AGREEMENT (the “Agreement”), effective as of the date of the signature below is entered into by and between the undersigned client (the “Client”) and Nest Wealth Asset Management Inc. (the “Advisor” or “Nest Wealth”), on the terms and conditions set forth below.

  1. Appointment. The Client hereby appoints the Advisor as investment manager of the Client’s assets held in each of the accounts that the Advisor opens in the Client’s name during the term of this Agreement (the “Accounts”), with full power to supervise and direct the investment of the assets of the Accounts in its sole discretion as set forth herein. The Advisor may make all investments for the Accounts without consulting the Client or any other person or obtaining the Client’s or any other person’s consent or instructions. The Client acknowledges that all actions taken by the Advisor hereunder shall be binding upon the Client and as binding upon the Client‘s legal representatives as upon the Client.
  2. Limitation of Services. The Client acknowledges that the services provided by the Advisor are for the investment of assets in the Accounts and that the Client cannot rely on the Advisor to provide tax, legal, or accounting advice, which services may be retained by the Client from other sources.
  3. Non-Exclusivity. The services provided by the Advisor to the Client are not deemed exclusive. Nothing in this Agreement shall in any way restrict the right of the Advisor to provide investment management or other services for any other person or entity or to act for its own account, and the provision of such services for others or for its own account shall not violate or give rise to any duty or obligation to the Client.
  4. Powers of the Advisor. The Advisor shall have full discretion and authority to manage all assets and property of any type and description held in the Accounts (collectively in respect of the Accounts, the “Account Assets”), subject to any investment objectives, investment restrictions and investment policies applicable to the Accounts as set out in the Client’s investment policy summary generated while opening their Accounts. (the “Plan”). The Advisor shall be authorized to exercise the following powers for and on behalf of the Accounts:

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