Nest Wealth Celebrates 10th Anniversary & Objectway Acquisition at T3

You could feel the excitement in the air throughout the entire T3 Technology Conference last week!

Nest Wealth was thrilled to be part of the T3 Technology Conference’s 20th anniversary celebration. A milestone event that brings together leaders in the financial technology and wealth management industries.

Nest Wealth Booth at T3 2024

The T3 Conference is a cornerstone event for fostering collaboration, sharing insights, and celebrating the technological advancements that shape the financial industry. This year, our Founder and CEO, Randy Cass, delivered two insightful presentations on mastering digital transformations in wealth management. We were honored to contribute to this special occasion as a company committed to driving innovation.

Randy Cass Nest Wealth T3 Presentation

In addition to T3’s 20th anniversary, we had lots to celebrate! On the first day of the conference, we announced our acquisition by Objectway – a leading fintech based in Italy – and celebrated our 10th anniversary!

The 20th anniversary event has helped us reaffirm our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in wealth management. At Nest Wealth, we believe that embracing digital transformation allows financial institutions to create more personalized, efficient, and secure client experiences.

The T3 Conference has been a beacon of inspiration and collaboration for two decades, and Nest Wealth is thrilled to be a part of this milestone event. Through our presentations on mastering digital transformation and client onboarding, we hope to contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding innovation in the financial industry. As we look towards the future, Nest Wealth and Objectway remain dedicated to shaping the next chapter of wealth management, where technology and client-centric solutions converge for a brighter and more prosperous tomorrow. Cheers to 20 years of T3 innovation and 10 years of Nest Wealth!