March 1, 2019, was Employee Appreciation Day and there was no shortage of festivities here at Nest Wealth to celebrate! Although it kind of feels like every day is employee appreciation day around here, I love an excuse to plan a fun event for the team!

Events are a fun way to break the ice for new members, and a great way to have all employees get social and interact with people they may not have the opportunity to get to know during work hours. It also allows me to live out my dream job of making other people happy! My ultimate goal is to foster a culture that is inclusive, inviting and makes people want to come to work. To create a space where people feel valued, that their voices are heard and are motivated to do their best work.

I started at Nest Wealth one year ago. Personally, when I take the time to reflect on my last year of working here, the one word that comes to mind is thankful. Thankful for taking a leap of faith and leaving my (very stable) corporate job for a (potentially not so stable) career at a tech startup. Thankful for Nest Wealth for wanting to create a workplace that encourages everyone to bring their best self to work and do their best work every day. Thankful for our CEO, Randy, for taking a chance on me and believing I have what it takes to be successful as the first ever Office Coordinator at Nest. Most of all, thankful for my Nest family who inspires me on a daily basis and is nothing short of an amazing group of people to work with!

I figured I couldn’t be the only one who felt this sense of gratitude, so as part of our Employee Appreciation Day activities, I set up a Gratitude Wall. I wanted others to be able to express their feelings of thanks whether it was to a specific individual, their teams, or the company as a whole. The best part of this initiative? It will now likely be a permanent fixture in our life at Nest, which couldn’t make me happier.

If there is someone who you work with who is doing things on a daily basis to make people feel appreciated and loved, go tell them to thank you. Making people happy is one of the hardest jobs to be tasked with, and there’s a lot of time and effort that goes into making it happen that most people don’t even see. But, I’m very lucky that the people I am trying to make a happy trust that I’m going to do things that will ultimately make coming to work something that they look forward to every day!

To my Nest Wealth family, thank you for being so amazing and constantly impressing me with the amount of gratitude you show me day in and day out. I hope you all feel appreciated today and every day!