We’re joining forces with RazorPlan to be part of a bigger vision. In this blog post, our Founder and CEO, Randy Cass answers questions about the acquisition of RazorPlan, Canada’s leading financial planning software.

To our valued Nest Wealth and RazorPlan customers,

We’re on a mission to make wealth management better for everyone. One way we’re most excited to add more value for our clients is by embracing the opportunity to join forces with another leader in financial services.

We’re proud to announce that, as of May 14th, Nest Wealth has acquired Razor Logic Systems, the makers of RazorPlan. We’re really excited about what this means to our future and, more importantly to our valued customers.

Nest Wealth is a company dedicated to making solutions that help investors, regardless of location or wealth, realize their financial goals. Our vision is to give every investor, and the wealth professionals who serve them, access to the best tools and solutions that, ultimately, help them become better off.

Razor Logic Systems shares that same vision and is now part of the Nest Wealth family.  

Welcoming Razor Logic Systems into Nest Wealth not only means that we’ll be able to accomplish more towards our shared vision but we’ll be able to accomplish it faster than we ever could as individual companies.  Together, we continue to build solutions that serve investors, our advisor partners, as well as wealth management firms, small and large, that choose us to power their wealth technologies.

In bringing our two companies together, our aim is to ensure every single investor is confident that their every dollar, from the first one saved to the last one spent, is part of a comprehensive plan that makes sense for their unique goals and personal circumstances.

While we take a moment to celebrate this exciting step forward for our company, we also want to thank you for your continued loyalty. We’re happy to be on this journey together with you, and we’re excited to be making investing better for everyone.


Randy Cass
Founder and CEO of Nest Wealth