Earlier this year we partnered with Advice2Advisors to bring you a live workshop on Building Bigger & Better: Growth Strategies of Top-Producing Financial Advisors. In this workshop, Daniel Collison, Industry Expert & Managing Partner of Advice2Advisors, shared his tips for making 2022 your most productive year. By utilizing the marketing strategies of top-producing advisors and leveraging Nest Wealth to digitize your practice and free up time for you to execute, you will be well-positioned to grow your business. If you missed this jam-packed session, keep reading to learn some of the successful platforms currently used by top producers to attract new clients.

Top 3 Marketing Strategies for Financial Advisors

Daniel Collison, Author of The Financial Advisor’s Guide to Excellence: Becoming a World-Class Practitioner, recommends the following marketing channels:

Word of Mouth

It can be uncomfortable asking for referrals, and you do not want to create discomfort, especially with a new client. That is why many top-producing advisors never ask for referrals, and instead, they become referrable. By forming strong relationships with your clients, you will not have to worry about asking for referrals. Clients will be happy to refer you and will likely start to do it without you even asking them.

Social Media

Today, social media is crucial. That is where your prospects will look to learn more about you and your business before you even meet. If you do not currently have a presence on social media, it is likely to hurt your business. You should be on at least one or two platforms. It is not too late – if you are not on FacebookLinkedInInstagram, etc., get started for free today!

BONUS: If you are struggling to think of content for your channels, going on a podcast or even starting your own is a great way to start conversations and build relationships with other industry experts, and it gives you valuable, sharable content for your social channels. Plus, if you can get on the podcast of an industry expert, it provides you exposure to a large audience at zero cost to you!

Business Website

This one is pretty straightforward, and you likely already have a website. Without an online presence, you are losing out on potential new business opportunities. The moment someone hears about your business and wants to learn more, they will turn to Google and type in your name or the name of your business. If nothing comes up, say goodbye to that opportunity.

Increasing the Operational Efficiency of Your Practice

We know as a financial advisor, your time is limited. You are probably wondering how you can balance executing new marketing strategies while continuing to offer the best service to your clients. The good news is – Nest Wealth is here to help.

Our digital wealth management platform, Nest Wealth Plus, helps you run your practice more efficiently by:

Digitizing the Onboarding Process

  • Spend less time on paperwork and onboard your clients in 15-20 minutes!
  • Invite new clients in seconds and help them complete account opening in less than 5 minutes with no paperwork.
  • Reduce errors and quickly and easily open new accounts and set up funding, freeing up time and money for marketing efforts.

Eliminating Non-Value-Added Tasks

  • Let Nest Wealth Plus take care of operational, administrative, and compliance-related tasks so you can focus on providing meaningful advice & generating new business.
  • Nest Wealth becomes the fiduciary to your client so our team takes care of discretionary investment management, including portfolio construction and rebalancing so you can focus on what you do best – advising your clients & growing your business.

Transparent & Easy-to-Use Advisor Dashboard

  • Stay on top of your business with our easy-to-use dashboard and real-time performance and transaction histories.
  • Monitor your client’s progress from onboarding through funding so you can easily service and proactively prepare for their next step.

Additionally, your clients benefit from this partnership with Nest Wealth because they get to continue to work with you, their advisor, to ensure you are advising them holistically and get the convenience, efficiency, and independence of a digital wealth platform. Nest Wealth Plus is the most transparent and collaborative digital wealth platform in Canada, giving your clients the freedom to access their information at any time and collaborate seamlessly with you. Our platform also helps your clients experience the dramatic impact of lower capped fees. They save, and you add more value at every step.

To ensure you have enough time to advise your clients & find new ones, let Nest Wealth Plus help increase efficiency and empower you to spend more time on lead generation.