Financial advisors constantly tell us how much they value a high level of customer service.

Research on customer satisfaction shows a positive correlation between fast response times and higher customer satisfaction. According to Forrester, 77% of customers said that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide good customer service online.

As a financial advisor, you should expect the same level of top-notch customer service from your wealth management provider that you strive to offer your clients. The service you receive from your provider trickles down directly to your clients in one way or another, so if you’re currently working with a provider that takes days, weeks, or even worse, months to respond to your questions and concerns, it’s time for an upgrade.

There is no excuse for not getting a response within a few days to your inquiries. We understand that so many of your questions or your client’s questions are often time-sensitive, and even if they aren’t, you deserve a prompt response to keep your business moving forward.

Here at Nest Wealth, we pride ourselves on our average first response time. During business hours, we strive to respond within 4 hours and never longer than 24 hours. We have not one but two dedicated teams, Customer Experience and Customer Success, here to help you with both day-to-day inquiries as well as long-term business growth goals.

We’ve recently had financial advisors come to us struggling with extremely long response times from their digital wealth management providers looking for an upgrade. After making the switch to Nest Wealth, not only are they so much happier, their clients are too.

An advisor who recently made the switch reached out to us for help with a RRSP deadline transfer for one of their clients and then had this to share:

“My clients were so happy the transfer was completed on time. This never would have happened with my previous provider because they wouldn’t have responded in time. The responsiveness has been what I like best about my new relationship with Nest Wealth.”

And here is what advisors currently working with Nest Wealth had to share on the client experience:

“Client’s love interacting with Nest Wealth, they love the easy onboarding process, they feel like it has strengthened our relationship, and they love that they can easily see where they stand.”

“Client’s love how easy and accessible everything is and the fast response times from Nest Wealth whenever we have questions.”

Are you happy with the customer service and support you receive from your current digital wealth management provider?

If you are sick of waiting days, weeks, or months for a reply from your current provider, it’s time for an upgrade. Click here to book a meeting with an Account Executive to see what Nest Wealth can do for your business and how it will help keep you and your clients happy.