Nest Wealth Pro for Salesforce is available on the Salesforce AppExchange!

Nest Wealth Pro for Salesforce is a digital onboarding solution embedded into the Salesforce CRM, keeping users within their original flow of work and eliminating the swivel chair interface many continue to struggle to manage.

Let’s take a closer look at Nest Wealth Pro for Salesforce’s unique features and partnerships that can replace other tools and systems to ultimately get rid of the swivel chair interface!

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Custodian Integrations

  • What is it: Various options for getting the onboarding questionnaire data to the custodian for processing a new account opening.
  • Value Provided: Partnerships with Custodians managed by Nest Wealth – keeping advisors within their flow of work (in the CRM) for a unified experience, preventing differing experiences with separate custodian-provided integrations.
  • What Does it Replace: Manual uploads to the custodian.

Form Updates

  • What is it: Nest Wealth updates custodian and government forms as required so the account opening experience is uninterrupted. For example, Nest Wealth will update forms with any regulatory changes pertaining to client onboarding.
  • Value Provided: Ensuring the most up-to-date forms are available to use through a singular experience that removes scheduling timelines when performing form updates.
  • What Does it Replace:
    • Small Firms: Internal teams manually updating forms.
    • Mid-size to Large Firms: Third-party document generation & management solutions.

Workflow Management Approval Process

  • What is it: Seamless account opening approval process from start to finish in Salesforce. Nest Wealth Pro for Salesforce provides the ability to have an account opening go through the process from creation to approvals, to submit to the custodian, all within the CRM.
  • Value Provided: Keeping advisors and their staff within their flow of work within the CRM.
  • What Does it Replace:
    • Emails of new account forms requiring approval.
    • Inability to monitor, supervise, and track all ongoing processes.

By using Nest Wealth Pro for Salesforce, you’ll be able to:

  • Reduce Time to Onboard New Accounts
    Reduces time spent for advisors and assistants to onboard & open new accounts for end investors to better engage current clientele and pursue new prospects.
  • Reduce New Application NIGO’s
    Reduces application errors, speeds up new end-investor onboarding so more accounts are funded faster, and improves compliance.
  • Increase Advisor/Client Engagement
    Increases referrals (advisors & end-investors) and clientele retention.
  • Integrate Seamlessly with Custodians
    Automated document submission to custodians for new applications directly from within Salesforce and increased visibility into the onboarding pipeline.

To learn more about how Nest Wealth Pro for Salesforce can help you simplify new account openings and increase revenue, schedule a quick demo with our team!