The Leading Digital Onboarding Solution For Salesforce Users

Empower your team to drive more business by making new account opening easier, faster, and with fewer errors, all while keeping your staff productive within their flow of work within the CRM.

Nest Wealth Technology. Your Everything Else.

Realize Revenue Faster

By reducing the number of NIGOs and helping expedite the account opening process, Nest Wealth enables your firm to realize revenue faster.

Onboard More Clients

By digitizing the account opening process, Nest Wealth will reduce the amount of time & resources it takes to onboard new clients, so your firm is empowered to grow your business.

Improve Client Satisfaction

With a fully digital, cloud-based platform, you’ll have the tools required to deliver the same user experiences clients enjoy in other areas of their life.

What To Expect From
Nest Wealth Pro for Salesforce

Advisor Experience

Ability to Onboard Clients Without Leaving Salesforce:

— Leverage existing CRM data to digitally onboard a client to a new investment account.

— The onboarding experience takes all questions from the forms needed to open up an account and simplifies the questionnaire so the questions are easier to complete.

Advisor Experience

Existing Salesforce Experience with Onboarding Dashboards:

— Advisors get visibility into the onboarding process & can quickly understand exactly which stage of onboarding their clients are on and if any clients require support.

Client Experience

Collaborate With Clients On The Onboarding Process:

— Collaborating with clients reduces errors in new account applications and keeps the client engaged, shortening time to funding and maximizing time to value.

Advisor Experience

Simplified Forms Management:

— Our Form Management tool gives you access to our library of thousands of Firm, Custodian, and Government forms that are pre-mapped and ready to leverage your CRM data.

Digitize Your Onboarding for a Fraction Of The Cost.