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Are you a financial advisor looking for a simplified and efficient way to manage your clients’ wealth? Nest Wealth Plus provides you with the digital tools, ETF portfolios and support you need. Say goodbye to paperwork and manual compliance burdens and welcome a new era of digital wealth management.

Nest Wealth Plus is a cutting-edge out-of-the-box Digital Wealth Management Platform designed to empower financial advisors to spend less time on compliance and administrative tasks, freeing up more time to do what matters most: advising clients and connecting with new prospects.

Expand Your Audience

Increase your appeal to high-net-worth and other investors looking to take advantage of a low-cost digital solution.

Scale Your Business

Save time and money by leveraging technology that reduces time spent on non-revenue generating tasks while keeping more of what you earn.

Be Independent

Take control of the solutions you offer your clients and work with an independent partner that prioritizes the success of you and your clients over external big company interests.

Benefits of Nest Wealth Plus

What To Expect From Nest Wealth Plus

Digital Onboarding Solution

Say goodbye to lengthy onboarding processes. Nest Wealth Plus offers quick and easy client onboarding. Onboard your clients in under 15 minutes, thanks to the Nest Wealth Plus paperless user-friendly process.


We take the hassle out of portfolio management. Nest Wealth monitors portfolio asset allocation and automatically rebalances to ensure it aligns with clients’ goals and risk tolerance.

Dedicated Support Teams

Having access to responsive support when you need it is critical to ensuring a great client experience. We offer exceptional support through our Customer Experience and Customer Success teams, ensuring you always have expert assistance when you need it. We are committed to responding within one business day to your inquiries.

Increased Revenue

Partnering with Nest Wealth can help increase your revenue since you will get to keep 100% of your referral fees earned through the Nest Wealth Plus referral program.

Another great feature in partnering with Nest Wealth is that while your AUM increases the amount you pay for Nest Wealth Plus platform access will decline and once you hit $5M in AUM will drop to $0

Customized ETFs

Nest Wealth Plus simplifies investment management with access to customized ETF portfolios for your clients. We carefully select ETFs that are liquid and have a low tracking error to their underlying index. Lower fees and higher liquidity mean more returns for your clients. Our actively managed investment portfolios are provided to us by Forstrong Global Asset Management.

Seamless Book Transfer

We work with you to transition your book of business to the Nest Wealth Plus platform as quickly and seamlessly as possible, while ensuring an exceptional client experience. There is no AUM minimum required.

The Ultimate Wealth Solution For Financial Advisors

Nest Wealth Plus is not just a platform; it is your partner in simplifying wealth management. Focus on your clients: not paperwork. Transition to a digital future with Nest Wealth Plus and experience business independence.

Digital Wealth Management

Digitize your Onboarding
for a Fraction of the Cost

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