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Empower your team to drive more business by making new account opening easier, faster and with fewer errors – all while keeping your staff productive within their current tool (CRM or portal).

Nest Wealth’s innovative and dynamic onboarding and account management experience is embedded within your existing technology. Advisors and clients can work simultaneously on onboarding questionnaires to ensure that forms are completed quickly and accurately. With the ability to work with multi-custodian scenarios, Nest Wealth Pro is the only solution you need to meet all of your onboarding and account opening requirements.

Expand Your Audience

Increase your appeal to high-net-worth and other investors looking to take advantage of a low-cost digital solution.

Scale Your Business

Save time and money by leveraging technology that reduces time spent on non-revenue generating tasks while keeping more of what you earn.

Be Independent

Take control of the solutions you offer your clients and work with an independent partner that prioritizes the success of you and your clients over external big company interests.

Benefits of Nest Wealth Pro

What To Expect From Nest Wealth Pro

Improve Client Satisfaction

With a fully digital cloud-based platform, you will have the tools required to deliver a seamless user experience.

  • Collaborate with your clients on client onboarding, account opening and funding forms in real-time.
  • Offer clients a fully digital investor experience with 24 / 7 access to investments and account performance.
  • Monitor client actions in real-time to proactively prepare for and service additional requests.

Increase Time With Clients

Minimize the time, effort and resources devoted to commoditized manual processes by leveraging a digital wealth platform that integrates within your current workflow.

  • Reduce your account opening times and errors with a fully digital onboarding process.
  • Implement automated workflows that work with your current operations.
  • Minimize regulatory risk with built-in compliance roles.
  • Gain daily actionable insights to improve operations with centralized data.

Faster Revenue Growth

Empower your business to grow revenue with the operational efficiencies gained from a digital wealth onboarding solution embedded directly in your existing technology. Plus, advisors will enjoy more time to take on additional business.

  • Significantly reduce NIGOs & shorten the time to funding.
  • Streamline account opening with fully digital onboarding that integrates with your current workflows and custodian(s).
  • Provide more value by identifying cross-sell and up-sell opportunities based on client activities and data.
  • Monitor operations with advanced reporting tools to identify areas that need improvement
  • Set up triggered events that nurture your clients throughout the funding process.

Choose The Nest Wealth Pro Experience That Suits You Best

Nest Wealth Pro is embedded within your portal, it looks and feels like your organization, including your corporate branding visual standards.

If your advisors spend most of their time within your own advisor portal, then Nest Wealth Pro is for you. Nest Wealth Pro is branded to look and feel like your existing portal. With API integrations, your advisors never have to leave your portal, creating a seamless experience.

Nest Wealth Pro

Nest Wealth Pro For CRM is embedded within your CRM, it maintains the same look and feel that you are used to.

If your advisors spend most of their time in a leading CRM solution, such as Salesforce, then Nest Wealth Pro for CRM is the best choice. Our CRM solution provides a unified advisor experience within your CRM throughout the entire onboarding, account funding, KYC, and book transfer processes. No training or onboarding is required.

Nest Wealth Pro For CRM

Nest Wealth Pro is designed to work wherever your staff spends their time today, whether that is your own portal or your CRM.

Both options reduce manual effort and applications not-in-good-order (NIGOs) to improve the advisor and client experience, ensuring forms are completed quickly and accurately. Ultimately, Nest Wealth Pro makes work easier by being where your advisors are in their workflow.

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Digitize your Ecosystem  for a Fraction of the Cost

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